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Crosley AC1024A 5 in 1 Record Cleaning Set

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    Crosley AC1024A 5-in-1 Record Cleaning Kit with Carbon Fiber Brush, Microfiber Cloth, Stylus Cleaner, Cleaning Solution, and Record Stand

    Whether you have a massive collection or you're just getting into vinyl, help keep your records so fresh and so clean with this 5-in-1 cleaning set from Crosley. Kit includes carbon fiber brush, microfiber cleaning cloth, stylus cleaner, 200ML cleaning solution, and folding record stand.

    Includes everything you need to keep your vinyl record collection so fresh and so clean. The brush features two rows of extra-soft carbon fiber bristles: this anti-static brush reaches deep into record grooves removing unwanted dust and fine particles.

    Lightly mist the vinyl with cleaning solution (avoid the label) and use the small microfiber cloth to gently wipe along the direction of the grooves.Place vinyl on the folding stand to dry: you can also use the stand to display your favorite album art.

    Use the stylus cleaner to remove any dust from the needle (clean from back to front to avoid damaging the stylus)
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    Manufacturer Crosley
    Model Number AC1024A
    Price £24.99